twoND Fashion

Luxury is also to have a lovely product that we're looking forward to using. twoND  inspires a sort of "art of living", highlighting a strong personality and glamour, a key ingredient of this "Fashion" line, that offers with conviction a diversified collection and gives the possibility to satisfy not only the seasonal fashion's needs, but also the clients searching above all quality, style and originality.The recognition signs of the brand are clearly identified. A harmonious whole that will seduce the lovers of "fashion style" and of flattering well-cut clothes.

twoND Urban

This line suggests an American style, with loose clothing, soft materials and aerated comfortable textiles which favour a freedom of movement.  twoND. proposes an urban style, complimentary cultures that come together with various details that mark its originality. The inspiration and the creative energy are driven by influential styles characterised by fluidity, colours and geometric shapes; this line is meticulous and presents graphic elements of design. This style is much more than a trend and it underlines the brand's personality, proof of a creative project. The youthful population is the very first to be touched by this urban non-restrictive style that can be worn both out on the town as well as to work in a relaxed and casual manner.

twoND Sportswear

The sportswear line uses the best materials such as Cotton, polyester, Lycra and spandex, however linen and other materials known to regulate the transpiration. Jogging wear such as hoody sweaters and cyclist's pants, the products are a reflection of the image you give of yourself.. Designers and sports' specialists have all approved this collection resolutely tuned with the times. Every month some pieces from a limited edition shall be available.

twoND Swimwear

A collection rich by its diversity, from the sport printed to the delicate touches inspired by ethnic diversity which evoke exotic beaches. Printed materials and embroideries are blended to create a refined and discreet whole. The bathing suits of this collection are placed to symbolize travels........Travelling through time displaying reversible models with taste and beauty.

twoND Handbags

Proposes a big variety of fashionable and very coloured handbags. From imitation leather purses to belts and wallets that come in warm tints.There are products for every taste and occasion, that are sure to match an outfit anytime, anywhere. The handbags by twoND add the final touch to an outfit that insists on standing out!

twoND Accessories

No style without character, and no big brand name without accessories, twoND launches its line of articles and accessories such as baseball caps ,hats, bobs, visors, key chains and several little purses; it's a label that completes the outfit discretely without losing its seductive appeal and elegance. We wear these accessories to represent and affirm a certain originality.